Board of Spokespersons

The Board of Spokespersons, under the chairmanship of the Speaker or a vice-speaker assigned by the Speaker, is composed of chairpersons of the political party groups or their deputies.

In case of necessity, vice-speakers may attend meetings of the Board of Spokespersons upon invitation.

The Board of Spokespersons is an organ established in order to reach consensus among political party groups on their participation in parliamentary activities. The Board of Spokespersons makes recommendations to the Plenary on issues such as determining the days and hours of Plenary debates, setting and changing the agenda of the Plenary, and determining the number of committee members.

The Board of Spokespersons is summoned for a meeting by the Speaker if he or she deems it necessary, or upon the request of the chairmanship of a political party group within 24 hours at the latest.  If the Board of Spokespersons cannot convene upon the first call and cannot decide, propose, or express an opinion unanimously, the Speaker or political party groups may separately present their requests directly to the Plenary.

In this case, the request takes place in the “Presentations of the Office of the Speaker to the Plenary” which is included in the agenda of the first sitting. The Plenary reaches a decision by show of hands after the speeches of deputies have finished.