Ratification of International Treaties

The ratification of the treaties to be concluded by foreign states and international organisations on behalf of the Republic of  Turkey is subject to  adoption of  the Grand National Assembly of Turkey by a law approving the ratification.

The government bills regarding the approval of the ratification of international treaties after submission of the Council of Ministers to the Grand National Assembly of  Turkey are referred to the committees by the office of Speaker. The government bills for/on approval are always referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations as primary committee. The committee, in consequence of the debate of the government bills on/for approval,  shall submit the text it has adopted with a report (drawn up by itself) and along with its amendments, if any, to the office of the Speaker. The debate of the government bills for/on approval in the Plenary is subject to the same procedure with  other government bills and private members’ bills. However, government bills as to approval of the ratification of the international treaties are considered among  the businesses subject to open vote.