International Projects

The Assembly carries out projects with foreign countries and international organizations, particularly with the European Union. The projects are usually related to the legislature (legislation), auditing and the budget. They are intended to develop inter-parliamentary relations and to share mutual experiences. In this context, in the European Union candidacy process important projects are carried out to take advantage of financial assistance.

Some of the projects carried out by the GNAT include:

a)      Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of the GNAT

The project was carried out between  October 1, 2007, and  October 1, 2008. One hundred deputies and 350 staff members from the GNAT participated in Turkey and abroad in the European Union and its acquis communautaire, strengthening the role of the European Union Harmonization Commission, increasing the effectiveness of the commissions, strengthening legislative activities, and developing cooperation with civil society organizations as part of the project.

b)       Parliamentary Exchange and Dialogue 

The project is being carried out between  January 16, 2012, and January 16, 2014. The aim of the project is to resolve existing concerns and misconceptions about Turkey in the European Union by bringing together direct representatives of the publicand by providing an opportunity to listen to the opponent to providecomments on decreasing support for Turkey’s full membership of the European Union. In this context, six symposiums, three dialogue forums, and two summer camps will be held with the participation of Turkish and foreign deputies. The politicians from 27 countries and Turkey will participate in a reciprocal exchange program in Turkey and plan to publish a magazine covering the activities of the European Union.