11/22/2022 - 12:00
The Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Türkiye (GNAT), Mustafa Şentop, in the meeting which took place firstly one-on-one and then between the delegations, expressed his pleasure to host Şakiyev at GNAT, who made his first foreign visit to Türkiye after he took office as the Speaker of the Supreme Council (Cogorku Keneş) and he stated, ‘GNAT is the Parliament that governs the national struggle. Then, during the July 15 coup attempt, it is the Parliament that was open and bombed.’

Şentop expressed that Türkiye's support for the initiatives to strengthen the Turkic World and he pointed out that an important issue that is expected to cooperate closely with Kyrgyzstan is the activities of the FETO terrorist organization.Şentop warning about FETO and stated, "We continue to warn friendly and brotherly countries against FETO. We were pleased that the Kyrgyz authorities showed their will on this issue. We want to continue our cooperation." Noting that Türkiye has largely completed its fight against the Fethullah Terrorist Organization, Şentop stated, "We consider it a fraternal duty to warn friendly and brotherly countries that they should be vigilant against such a treacherous structure. We often find that this terrorist organization is trying to harm the relations between that country and Türkiye in the countries where it operates.  In this regard, it is useful to be careful that this terrorist organization does not harm our relations. Finally, l’d like to state that when we meet with the officials of some countries, we see that they think this organization consists only of people coming to their countries from Türkiye. However, we have been following in many countries that the countries where FETO have been operating through schools for years have the capacity to raise the children of those countries as members of the terrorist organization and to use them against the state and people when necessary.’ Şentop emphasized the importance he attaches to signing security cooperation agreements that will enable a joint fight against various terrorist organizations, including the Fetullah Terrorist Organization. (FETO)

Şentop also thanked Kyrgyzstan for the support of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to become an observer member of Organization of Turkic States.  He stated, "We expect the active support of Kyrgyz authorities to ensure that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus can participate in the activities of the Organization of Turkic States (OTS), TURKPA and TURKSOY, chaired by Kyrgyzstan in the upcoming period."

The Speaker of the Supreme Council (Cogorku Keneş) of Kyrgyzstan, Nurlanbek Şakiyev also expressed his satisfaction with the development of bilateral relations in his speech. He expressed his discontent with FETO for Şentop's warnings regarding FETO, he said that the Kyrgyz authorities will take necessary actions in cooperation with Türkiye. After the meetings, Speaker of GNAT, Şentop and his guest counterpart left carnations on the bombed area on July 15. They visited the Plenary Hall of GNAT.