Political parties are essential components of democratic life. It is obligatory for a political party to have twenty deputies in order to establish a group. The Constitution stipulates the participation of the political parties in all activities of the Assembly according to the percentage of their numbers. Several advantages have been granted to the political party groups in their legislative and scrutiny activities.

The leader of a political party is the chair of the party group if he or she is a deputy. In case the leader is not a deputy, the chairperson of the group is elected from among the deputies of that party group. Deputy chairpersons elected among the members of a party group play an active role in performing the legislative and scrutiny activities. They are entitled to represent their party group and table motions on behalf of the party group.

The principles regarding the activities of the political party groups have been laid down by the internal regulations of the groups. The meetings of political party groups are held once a week, mostly on Tuesdays.

Table below shows the political party groups established a in the Assembly and the number of members belonging to each, as of August 25, 2022. In addition to the political party groups, nine political parties are also represented in the Assembly. Besides, six of the members are not affiliated with (independent) any of the political parties.

Political Party Groups


Justice and Development Party


Republican People's Party


Peoples' Democratic Party


Nationalist Movement Part


İYİ Party


Other Political Parties and Independents